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Eanthiran movie rocks

Shankar starts Rajini's Eanthiran - The Robot shooting in style. The first official publicity design has been released through the media with the posters being put up in almost all the cities of the state.

The important aspect that we came to know through the design is Rajini's appearance without his manly mustache. But an insider from Shankar's camp reveals that the director is having some novel ideas to show Rajini in a completely different style which is to be a revelation to Superstar Rajini's fans.

For the first time in the history of Rajini's films, the heroine's name also equally appears in the publicity designs with Rajinikanth.

Official sources from Shankar's camp confirmed that it is Rajini himself who asked the director to give equal importance to the heroine Aishwarya Rai also.

Her name has been discussed for Rajini's leading lady from the days of Padayappa, but it has finally come true only in Enthiran – The Robot. So Rajini asked the director to give equal importance to the former Miss Universe and numero uno among Indian female artists.

According to the original story (written by Sujatha), there are two powerful characters in the film. The yet to disclosed secret is that our superstar is going play both the roles, one is the human and the other one to be a powerful robot.

The name of the heroine in this film is Nila and there will be an important character to entertain the children. It is Jeano, the Machine Dog with the sense power of the humans.


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Facts about Lord of The Rings

For Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, 100,000 people lined the streets of Wellington, New Zealand, for the world premiere. That’s roughly a quarter of the city’s population. And then the amount of money that New Line reclaimed in tax breaks, was ten times more than the entire annual budget of the New Zealand Film Commission,
which funds local film-making. One more thing. The final reel of the film was completed only five days before the world premiere. It was only then that Peter Jackson saw the completed version of the film for the first time.
The Lord of the Rings trilogy went on to become the most nominated film series in Academy Award® history with 30 nominations surpassing both the Godfather
trilogy (28 nominations) and the Star Wars franchise (21nominations).