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somebody solve this and answer me..

(x-a)(x-b)(x-c)..........(x-z) = ??????

worlds best method 2 increse net surfing speed

hi every1
[1]in past i had tried all the softwares nd command 4 doing this .i mean i tried modam booster software ,tweakmaster,gpedit command but i found that no1 of them is making any very good change in surfing speed.i use a free internet connection of airtel gprs and that comes vd a vaery fukkish speed aur jab bhi gilz se chat karta hun to thik se ho hi nahi pata but yesterday i downloaded a new software named google web accelerator nd trust me now my surfing speed has increased many times nw i m very much happy vd the surfing seems as i m working on a siffy broadband cafe .heres d software is

[2]now this is proxyshell hide ip software ..a very useful software.With ProxyShell Hide IP, you can hide IP address, surf the web without anyone knowing who you are, protect your own information and reading interests. You can also use ProxyShell Hide IP to send anonymous emails, or post on forums without displaying your own IP address.ProxyShell Hide IP uses our own proxies and public proxies to hide your IP address. It has ability to automatically choose proxies for your surfing, and use multiple proxies simultaneously to handle your surfing requests, offers faster speed, much better proxy errors tolerance and stability. ProxyShell Hide IP works on Windows XP, Vista, you can use it with IE 6/7, Firefox, or is

A simple question to all

This question is too simple..
Dont make complicated or dont think in a complicated way..
the question is
5= ??

The moral of this question is think before u act or react...

Mrs Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies -- Try This

I luv chocolate and coco product. I found this recipe on net. And am too lazy to try tat.
So somebody plzz try this give me the feedback. If its nice then i will ask my mom to make it for me....

Mrs Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies
Categories: Cookies
Yield: 112 servings
2 c Butter
2 c Sugar
2 c Brown suga
4 Eggs
2 ts Vanilla
4 c Flour
5 c Oatmeal flour*
1 ts Salt
2 ts Baking powder
2 ts Baking soda
24 oz Chocolate chips
3 c Chopped nuts
8 oz Hershey bar(grated)

Preheat oven to 375 F. Cream butter and sugars together, add flour, oatmeal powder, salt, baking powder, and baking soda. Then add chips, chocolate and nuts. Bake on ungreased coolkie sheet, golf-ball sized dough, 2 inches apart,for 6 minutes. Makes 112 cookies OATMEAL POWDER- Premeasure 5 cups oatmeal. Put in blender or processor, and grind until powdered.

Sachin was defeated

Today the match between kings11 punjab and mumbai Indians . And after a heavy struggle mumbai was defeated. I didnt expect this. After six consecutive wins by Mumbai it has fallen in the hands of Punjab. Mumbai tried a lot.
The match was really thrilling . Anyway Mumbai could have got the last run and could have tried draw the match. Opps its been time to see the Chennai vs Banglore. And i feel pitty Banglore. Lets see what happens..,,,

VampAmber’s Clutter

Today when i was just blog hopping, i visited a blog VampAmber’s Clutter
And i started browsing through that blog pages .. when i was doing so i read a poem written by the author on the heading inspiration.It was really an inspiring poem. There are many more poems written by the author. I am writing this post to just suggest you to have a look at those poems. It will a real gift to the authour. The Writings On The Ceiling

Anjaathe Kathala Kannale..

A good song.. This song was one of the factor for which the movie was a great hit.. When this song was at the peak , all radios, music channels were broadcasting only this song... hope u watch and enjoy the song..

3GP Format

Think about this combo for BILLA 2Direction

Think about this combo for BILLA 2
Direction : Shankar / soundarya (Vishnu)
Music : A R RahmanArt : thotta DHARANI
Stunt : kanal KANNAN
Producer : Warner Bros
cinematography : Nirav Sha
Editing: Lenin

Discussion :: Soundarya To DirectBILLA 2 !!
Nothing has yet been finalized.
Warner Bros+ OcherStudios + Ajith looks a fantabulous combo.If things goin a right way,it will even pave way for thala intoHollywood.Soundarya 's talents cannot also be underestimated. Cheers...Everyone was impressed with the directing skill of Vishnuvardhan in BILLA . Now it has been finalized that Warner Bros and Ocher Studios are jointly producing the sequel of BILLA (ie) BILLA 2 . Due to salray problems , Vishnu was sacked from the project and it is said that Rajnikanth's daughter Soundarya will herself direct the movie . His first project SULTAN is yet to be released and so we cant speak abt her talents . But the sequel of BILLA have raised high expectations now itself . History says that the sequel film didnt run like the first parts . Will BILLA 2 make it with Soundarya ? Please pour your views so that we can come to a conclusion .

What is rupee appreciation??

Appreciating Rupee means that now the Dollar is now cheaper than what it used to be earlier (from $1~50 Rs, now to 40 Rs.), in other words you can buy more from the international market spending the same amount of Rupees. There are very direct effects of the appreciating Rupee in both national and international scenarios.To put it simply we must consider the whole situations through two points of view: Import and ExportImport: When you import (buy from foreign markets) goods, you have to pay in dollars. India's chief import is crude oil. Suppose a barrel of oil costs $100, as per earlier rates a company would have to pay aout 4800 rupees($1=48 Rs) to buy a barrel, now can buy the same for 4000 Rs ($1=40 Rs.). so oil companies are the biggest gainers from the appreciating rupee. They are now getting oil at reduced prices but selling them to the customers at old rates, hence increasing their profits.Export: When you sell goods/services in foreign market you get payed in dollars. A lot of companies that have been asking the govt. and RBI for control of the appreciating rupee, are export driven companies like big IT cos. who export software solutions and provide out-sourcing services. There are many others too like garment exporters and even automotive companies. the scene here is that, supposing a BPO company charged $100 for its services, it would be getting payed an equavalent amount to Rs 4800 as per old exchange rates, but because of the appreciating rupee, it now gets payed Rs 4000, and as the market gets increasingly competative the company cannot increase the fee it charges the client to $120 to cover this loss, as it risks losing the client to some other company. Garment exporters are hit even stronger as they mostly survive on large dedicated orders and charging more to cover their losses can even result in cancellation of large orders and massive loss to a garment exporter. Hope this explains...

Yet another Reason To watch Kuselan. Twenty differnt superstars

Rajini in twenty different getups! No, the Superstar is not competing with his counterpart and good friend Kamal Haasan. While Kamal is donning ten roles in Dasavatharam, Rajini, currently working with director P. Vasu for Kuselan, will appear in about twenty getups in a song. The star had already tried this in his film Baasha for the song Azhagu… Nee Nadanthal…where he appears as a police constable, rowdy, bus conductor etc. But twenty different getups are really astounding. Now, isn't that yet another reason to watch Kuselan?

An inspirational story

I am writing this post after reading the story of a waiter who passed in the IAS exams.
Now a days the young minded are not interested in studying or working hard.
with the upcoming of the software field no one is ready to work hard to full fill their dreams.
All just want to get a degree and just join the software company.
Now a days this software job has become very easy and all are fasinated and attracted towards this unpredicatable future.

Amongst this kind of situation K.Jaiganesh (29) who was a waiter in the canteen in satyam theatre strived very hard and had passed the Indian civil services examinations.
After his unsucessful 6 attempts , without even losing the confidence ,instead he gain experience
and took each failure in his life as a stepping stone for his great success.

His story is as follows,
In Chennai for the last eight months, K Jaiganesh (29) served food to hungry customers at a small eatery next to Satyam Cinemas in the city. Now, he will continue to serve people, though in a different capacity — as a civil servant. Battling poverty, Jaiganesh has fought his way up to emerge the 156th rank holder in the Union Public Service Commission Civil Services Exam 2007.
Born in an impoverished, backward class family in a remote village, Vinavamangalam, near Ambur in northern Tamil Nadu, Jaiganesh is now looking forward to moving away from cleaning tables and taking food orders to learning the nuances of administration at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy for Public Administration in Mussourie.
Jaiganesh, who managed to acquire a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Government Thanthai Periyar Institute of Technology in Vellore, had to take up odd jobs in order to pursue his dream to join the IAS.
The eldest of four siblings, he had landed in Chennai after graduation. “I had tried unsuccessfully to appear for the civil services examinations thrice from my village. I realized that I needed to be in Chennai to be able to make it. Therefore, I secured admission at the government-run All-India Institute for IAS Coaching at Anna Nagar. Having come here, I had to take up whatever work I could get to pay my monthly mess bill of Rs 600 and travel,” he recalls.
At first, he worked in Satyam Cinemas, issuing tickets for a monthly salary of Rs 3,000. “But soon, I found myself caught in a 10 am to 8 pm job that did not give me enough time to prepare for the civil services. As a result, in 2004 I failed in the main examination. I decided to quit the job and moved from one job to another before landing up as a waiter. Thankfully, at the eatery I had time to study,” Jaiganesh says. During his three years in Chennai, Jaiganesh stayed with his friends and used their phones to stay in touch with others. Today, after his success after six unsuccessful attempts, Jaiganesh has this to say: “It’s been a struggle all through.” CIVIL SERVICES ON HIS PLATE NOW: Jaiganesh passed the exam after six unsuccessful attempts We congratulate Jai Ganesh for overcoming the hurdles and passed the I.A.S. examination with good faith. He is standing as victory symbol for those who lost their hope in passing examination.

One thing which i want to suggest to u readers is ,,

Every morning before you wake up you hav two options,
One to continue with your dreams in your sleep
Two to wake and start chasing your dreams.
Choose your destiny

The next generation Firefox Browser 3

Mozilla has recently released a preview for the Firefox 3 Release Candidate ,the next generation firefox browser. This has been designed for testing purposes only, moreover the company has emphasied that the preview releases are published tocollect feedback from web delevelopers and their testing community before the release process..
Basically firefox 3 is based on the Gecko 1.9 web rendering platfor, which offers the improved performance,rendering correctness, stability and code simplification and sutainability.
Firefox 3 offers one click site information, a new web management, malware protection ,antivirus protection,easier paassword management, simplified add on installation, a new download manager,resumable downloading and new firefox theme for macosx along with growl for notifications.
This new vesion also brings improvised java scrips engine as well as profile guided optimizations. The delvelopers say that compared to firefox 2 web applications like google mail and zoho office run twice as fast in firefox 3, the popular sunspider test from apple shows improvements over previous releases.

Jane tu ya jane na.. mp3 track list

Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi
Movie: Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
Music Label: T-Series
Singers: Rashid Ali
Lyricist: Abbas Tyrewala
Music Director: A R Rahman
Picturised on:
Duration (mm:ss): 3:41

Pappu Cant Dance
Movie: Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
Music Label: T-Series
Singers: Blaze, Mohd. Aslam, Tanvi, Anupama Deshpande, Benny Dayal, Tanvi, Darshana, Satish Subramanium
Lyricist: Abbas Tyrewala
Music Director: A R Rahman
Picturised on:
Duration (mm:ss): 4:27

Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai
Movie: Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
Music Label: T-Series
Singers: Runa Rizvi
Lyricist: Abbas Tyrewala
Music Director: A R Rahman
Picturised on:
Duration (mm:ss): 3:41

Nazrein Milaana Nazrein Churaana
Movie: Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
Music Label: T-Series
Singers: Swetha Bhargave, Naresh Iyer, Satish Chakravarthye, Tanvi, Darshana, Benny Dayal, Anupama Deshpande
Lyricist: Abbas Tyrewala
Music Director: A R Rahman
Picturised on:
Duration (mm:ss): 3:57

Tu Bole Main Boloon
Movie: Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
Music Label: T-Series
Singers: A R Rahman
Lyricist: Abbas Tyrewala
Music Director: A R Rahman
Picturised on:
Duration (mm:ss): 4:36

Kahin To Hogi Ho
Movie: Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
Music Label: T-Series
Singers: Rashid Ali, Vasundhara Das
Lyricist: Abbas Tyrewala
Music Director: A R Rahman
Picturised on:
Duration (mm:ss): 5:05

Jaane Tu Meri Kya Hai - 1
Movie: Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
Music Label: T-Series
Singers: Sukhwinder Singh
Lyricist: Abbas Tyrewala
Music Director: A R Rahman
Picturised on:
Duration (mm:ss): 5:44

Pappu Cant Dance - Remix
Movie: Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
Music Label: T-Series
Singers: Anupama Deshpande, Benny Dayal, Benny Dayal, Blaze, Tanvi, Darshana, Satish Subramanium, Mohd. Aslam
Lyricist: Abbas Tyrewala
Music Director: A R Rahman
Picturised on:
Duration (mm:ss): 4:27

Vikram, Vijay, and Ajith in queue for Soundarya

Soundarya Rajinikanth’s association with the Hollywood production giant Warner Bros is bearing fruit. After rumors about a possible Billa II with Ajith, sources reveal that Soundarya is now busy jotting down plans also for Vijay and Vikram. Billa II, however, is still in the air with no official announcement from either side.

However, it is learnt that Vishal has been roped in recently for a project by the joint venture production company. An official announcement in this regard will be out soon. Besides, plans for Ajith, Vijay, and Vikram are in the making and will be officially announced in the near future.

Dasavatharam is nearing its release date

Dasavatharam is nearing its release date – that is being kept under wraps until now – and has recently underwent the censor certification. The panel members, after watching the movie, have advised 9 cuts and passed the movie with U certification. Censor scissors seem to have sheared a few scenes from the Mallika Sherawat item number. Not

too surprising, given the fact that Mallika has never been in the good books of Censor Officials.

That apart, few other scenes also succumbed to scissor hands. However, according to a censor board official, the movie does not have any controversial scenes that might provoke the religious sentiments. “There are no scenes that show the idols of Hindu Gods in poor light and no idols are shown being smashed,” another official was quoted as saying.

With that Kamal’s multi-language and multi-crore summer visual extravaganza is all set to hit the screens in the first week of June. And if the legal wrangles pose hurdle, the movie would be released in the last week of June. An official announcement is expected in this regard soon.

The Space Turtle


When i was simply searching the net i happened to get a glance through a website named the space turle.    Many stories are there.

And i read most of the stories and of that i found that the "taken into account" was intresting . This is all about kamster.

Hope you to read and enjoy a lot

Indian movies in Cannes festival..

Ajith’s Billa will be screened at the 61st Cannes Film Festival in France. The festival will begin on May 14th and go on till May 25th. According to reliable sources, Billa will be screened at the Grey Screen 3, on Sunday May 18th at 4 pm. Ajith will fly right on time to attend the screening. The actor also said that he would like

watch Steven Speilberg’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skies. The film’s director, Vishnuvardhan along with his wife will fly over to Cannes on May 12th. Ace musician A.R. Rahman will take part in the festival as a special invitee. Industry sources reveal that Rahman’s costume for this particular occasion will be designed by Bollywood costume designers Satanu and Nikhil, who have designed for Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Saif Ali Khan and other celebrities. Other noted directors, producers and actors from the Indian film industry are also likely to travel all the way to Cannes to either expand their business or just chill out there.

Wanna see the place where the fear is tolerated??

FearAsylum Topsite

here is a site where only those persons who to experience the real thrill of life.

The graphics of the site is awesome and the posts there are really superb.

This site is been updated daily.Have look of that site and enjoy the real thrill.

Thiruvilayadal Aarambam 3gp

Now a days ,danush is choosing his character the way which people wants him

to see on the screen. Thiruvilayadal aarambam danush with shreya was so

entertaining. Prakash raj has again prooved of what his worthy of.

A man who could do any type of character . The remake song from Mr Bharat was ultimate.

ThiruvilaiyadalAarambam Video - adrarama.3gp (9.64 MB)
ThiruvilaiyadalAarambam Video - ennamma.3gp (4.95 MB)
ThiruvilaiyadalAarambam Video - kannukkul.3gp (4.8 MB)
ThiruvilaiyadalAarambam Video - madurajilla.3gp (9.45 MB)
ThiruvilaiyadalAarambam Video - theriyamal.3gp (6.24 MB)
ThiruvilaiyadalAarambam Video - vizhigalil.3gp (6.01 MB)

Gilli 3 gp

Gilli was one of the most favourite film of mine. Trisha has really acted well in that film

Though it was a remake i felt that this was better than the telugu version. Vidyasagar has

put a great effort for the music. And the picturisation was really good.

Appaidi podu 3gp

arjunan villu 3gp

sha la la 3gp

kokara kokara 3gp

Gillie gille 3 gp

Billa 3gp

A good music by Yuvan. But could have reduced one remake.

A comeback for Ajith. We wish him to do such films in future.

Nayanthara's glamour has created more hype for this film.

MY Name is Billa

Vethillai Pota

sei yethavathu

seval kodi

naan mendum

Pollatavan 3gp

Nice video songs. Yogi b's engeum epothu is ultimate song.

Nice music. A different movie with a different story.

Danush climbing up in the snake and ladder game in the film industry.

Alipapa Thangam
engeum epothum
minal thod
neeye sol

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Mobile video songs





thivilayadal arambam

Sivaji 3gp video songs





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yahoo gonna join with google adsense???

According to the Wall Street Journal today Yahoo could be talking Google about the outsourcing of search advertising sales. This comes as, so the report suggests, as part of two pronged strategy to fight off the Microsoft acquisition threat. The other prong being a deal with AOL to combine Internet operations.

But it's the whole is Yahoo finally admitting that Google does advertising better thing that intrigues me, and I suspect a lot of other Internet watchers. Especially considering that Yahoo has always dismissed the notion that Google is better in this regard up until now. Of course, it does still seem to be fairly dismissive, insisting that that it is "only a limited test" which will involve no more than 3 percent of Yahoo's web search queries and adding that it "does not necessarily mean that Yahoo will join the AdSense program."

Yeah right, and the Pope is Jewish.

By outsourcing to AdSense Yahoo could boost its cash flow, no doubt about that. Equally, I suspect, there is little doubt that industry regulators would take an interest considering that such an arrangement would give Google something like 90 percent of the search advertising market. So in order to fight Microsoft off, perhaps Yahoo will deliver an early Christmas present in an opportunity for MS to fight back at Google with an anti-competitive complaint…

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No action against Mallika

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No action against Mallika

The Chennai police have decided not to take any legal action against Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat.

This consensus was reached due to the consultations that the police had with the lawyers who made it clear that '��how to dress'�� being a personal matter, no legal provision exists for moral policing.

Mallika Sherawat was in the news again following a complaint from Hindu Makkal Katchy leader Kaniraj, who alleged that she wore revealing dress in the '��Dasavatharam'�� audio release function.

The complaint alleged that her dress code was not only obscene but also not suited the Tamil culture.

She was in the stage along with the Tamil Nadu Chief minister M Karunanidhi, action hero Jackie Chan, Amitabh Bachchan , Mammootty and Kamal Haasan.

Last month a similar complaint was made against actress Shreya Sharan when she attended the success celebration of '��Sivaji'��.

But Shreya was quick enough to tender an apology to escape scat free.

Dasavatharam Song Lyrics

Mukundha Mukundha - Dasavatharam Song Lyrics

Mukhundha Mukhundha Krishna
Mukhundha Mukhundha
Varantha Varantha Brintha
Vanamtha Vanamtha

Venna Unda Vaiyal Mannai undava
Penne Undha Kadhal Noiyuku marunthaghava
Enna Seiya Naanum tholpavaithan
Undan kaiyugal aati vaikum nolpavaithan

Nee illamal endrum inge Iyangatu bhoomi
Nee ariyai cheyidi illa
Enga Krishna swami
Pin thodanthu asurar vandal
Punnagaittu parpai
Konja neram mara veetu Avar kannaka theerpai
Viniynam thorthidada viniyname idhu
Araiyardar kadai pole aniyanam edhu
Andha arjun ennaku neeyure thaaye
Ponnana geethai
Un mozhi perka uruvigirale inge vorpodhai
Varathe povaayo vasudevene
Vandhale vazhum ingu en jeevane

Machamagha neril thondri Moraiyal thaanai kattai
Koormamagha mannil thondri
boomi thaanai kaathaai
Vaamanan pol thottram kondu Vaanalendhu nindrai
Narm thalarandha simmaamagi
Iraniyanai kondrai
Ravanan thaan thalaiyai koye Ramanagha vanthai
Kannanagha neeye vanthu
Kadhalum thandai Ingu Unavathaarm
Ovondrilum thaan unthaaram naane
Un thiruvadi pattal
thirumanam aagum
endre engugireane
Mayilpili soodi nirkum mannavane….
Mangaiku endrum neeye

Usuroda irukkana petta pillai
Enno ennum thagaval varele
Vaanattilindru vandu koodipan
Sonna kelungo aasadugale
Vaara vamuda Azhagha vaada
Udone vaada Vaada

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Kuruvi Movie Review

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Review made by a vijay fan

hi!kuruvi is movie with nice story line.first half was racy.vijay,s action sequences were mind blowing.songs were picturized well.second half of the film was slow.vivek has done his job.Dharani has not lived up to the expections of fans.He had ample time to penn the story and screenplay of the movie after pokiri.But he just had copied the telugu movie chatrapathi for the second half of the movie.Dharani Is it nice on your part?.vijay there r so many fans of u with great storyline n script.Listen to them,U wil b the next megapower after rajini…

Review made by a normal guy

the people who loves vijay presence,the people who loves dharanis fast and racy screenplay,the people who loves the total entertainer film,and the audience who want to watch the film just for entertaining,and the people who loves vijays dance and action sequence ..for these above said peoples this film will be a definite let down[:(]

The worst ever film i have seen in the recent years…you may or may not beleive but this is the im belonging to the category who loves pukka commercial entertainer,so that i watched this film with my roommates(obv vijay fans) make to watch this film in FDFS itself.

The reason i went for this film is bcoz of pokiri.bcoz this is the film which has all the ingredients like action,romance,sentiments,and all.

so that with the impact of this film i went to this film.but for me this is not even 10% of ghilli.!to be a frank i have spent nearly an 2 1/2 for this film and my 80 rupees for this film.even im not a great fan of vijay i do like him because hes somewhat doing good in dance in that i had gone to this film with my friends,those who are all die hard fan of vijay.but most of them got vexed before 45 minutes of climax.i was completely vexed,coz the climax especially the stunts which vijay has done is completely horrible.i think he is thinking of him like a superman or spiderman.thats why he is doing something which cant be done by an ordinaru hero.and the another disgusting thing is the screenplay there is no proper sccreenplay.we can predict the story of my friend who was sitting nearer to me told all things rightly,that too he is watching that film for the first the whole this film is totally suckz.the people who watched this film wasted their money!do you?

this is strictly only for VIJAYKANTH film lovers.bcoz in this film we can see in the name of stunt which has come in lot of vijaykanth itz better if you have keep yourself away from this film.

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ADA - A Musical Journey By A. R. Rahman

Track listing

ADA - A Musical Journey By A. R. Rahman

1. Ishq Ada (Male Version)
Rashid Ali
Raquib Alam

2. Ishq Ada
Parul Mishra
Raquib Alam

3. Gumsum
Alka Yagnik, Sonu Nigam
Nusrat Badr

4. Hawa Sun Hawa
Alka Yagnik, Sonu Nigam
Nusrat Badr

5. Gulfisha
Sunidhi Chauhan, Sonu Nigam, Viviane Chaix
Nusrat Badr

6. Hai Dard
Udit Narayan
Nusrat Badr

7. Milo Wahan Wahan
Alka Yagnik, Jayachandran, Chorus
Nusrat Badr

8. Tu Mera Hain
Chithra, Sukhwinder Singh, Naresh Iyer,
Nusrat Badr

9. Maherbaan
A. R. Rahman
Raquib Alam

10. Maherbaan
(Instrumental Solo Guitar - Sanjeev Thomas)

Download The audio launch video from..


Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Jaane Tu ...Ya Jaane Na is a new movie by Aamir Khan Productions. It
will be released in 2008. With this movie, Aamir Khan is introducing
his nephew, Imran Khan Pal, to the Bollywood. Genelia D’Souza is the
actress in the movie. A.R. Rehman is said to have composed the music of
this romantic comedy. the movie will also feature Aamir, Naseeruddin
Shah, Ratna Pathak, Arbaaz Khan, and Arshad Warsi.

Forgot the slap ???Harbhajan Singh-Sreesanth incident

The Harbhajan Singh-Sreesanth incident was quite ugly and could have an adverse affect in the Indian dressing room. But former skipper Rahul Dravid does not think so.

"I don’t think it will affect team spirit. I don’t want to comment on that particular incident because I was not there and have not followed it much. But everyone is mature at the end of the day.

Sometimes things do happen in the heat of the moment. But you got to move on," Dravid advised.

What’s in a name?

The use of the term Royal Challengers has created quite a storm with some suggesting that it is a surrogate advertising for a liquor brand.

Even Union Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss said yesterday that he would ask the Information and Broadcasting Ministry to look into the matter despite the Supreme Court dismissing a petition.

However, Rahul Dravid feels it’s not much of an issue.

"This is the first time I am hearing about this. But Royal Challengers does not necessarily stand for the brand. It stands for the royalty that is Karnataka.

The jersey has Karnataka colours — red and yellow. Obviously, the ownership is liquor ownership… no doubt about that. But Kingfisher is sponsoring all the teams. So, it’s not an issue," said Dravid

Kalaipuli Dhanu on ARR - Sakkarakatti news

After the producers decided abt producing the film, Kala Prabhu ( son of Danu ) decided if they could ask Rahman for scoring the music. So I decided to approach ARR. I met him and said, " Isaye ( Music), Listen to the story. If you like it, do the music. Dont accept it because my son is directing it.". The next day, Rahman listened to the story, and said, " Wonderful Story. Give me six months. I will compose the music myself and give. But when he came for the Puja, due to some influence in his mind, he started composing within 3 months time. It was decided that there would be 4 songs for the film. Kalaprabhu picturised the song that was given by Rahman, and Rahman did additional two songs after seeing the same.

When Maniratnam was associated with Illayaraja, and when Rahman was working with Illayaraja at that time, and when some directors used to approach, he used to play those songs of Mani and exclaim , how well these have been picturised. After seeing the songs of Sakkarakatti, Rahman is calling his friends, his team of people, and showing them how well the songs are picturised. Rahman has popularised the songs, even before it has hit the screens.