Kuruvi Movie Review

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Review made by a vijay fan

hi!kuruvi is movie with nice story line.first half was racy.vijay,s action sequences were mind blowing.songs were picturized well.second half of the film was slow.vivek has done his job.Dharani has not lived up to the expections of fans.He had ample time to penn the story and screenplay of the movie after pokiri.But he just had copied the telugu movie chatrapathi for the second half of the movie.Dharani Is it nice on your part?.vijay there r so many fans of u with great storyline n script.Listen to them,U wil b the next megapower after rajini…

Review made by a normal guy

the people who loves vijay presence,the people who loves dharanis fast and racy screenplay,the people who loves the total entertainer film,and the audience who want to watch the film just for entertaining,and the people who loves vijays dance and action sequence ..for these above said peoples this film will be a definite let down[:(]

The worst ever film i have seen in the recent years…you may or may not beleive but this is the true.as im belonging to the category who loves pukka commercial entertainer,so that i watched this film with my roommates(obv vijay fans) make to watch this film in FDFS itself.

The reason i went for this film is bcoz of pokiri.bcoz this is the film which has all the ingredients like action,romance,sentiments,and all.

so that with the impact of this film i went to this film.but for me this is not even 10% of ghilli.!to be a frank i have spent nearly an 2 1/2 for this film and my 80 rupees for this film.even im not a great fan of vijay i do like him because hes somewhat doing good in dance in song.so that i had gone to this film with my friends,those who are all die hard fan of vijay.but most of them got vexed before 45 minutes of climax.i was completely vexed,coz the climax especially the stunts which vijay has done is completely horrible.i think he is thinking of him like a superman or spiderman.thats why he is doing something which cant be done by an ordinaru hero.and the another disgusting thing is the screenplay there is no proper sccreenplay.we can predict the story easily.one of my friend who was sitting nearer to me told all things rightly,that too he is watching that film for the first time.as the whole this film is totally suckz.the people who watched this film wasted their money!do you?

this is strictly only for VIJAYKANTH film lovers.bcoz in this film we can see in the name of stunt which has come in lot of vijaykanth film.so itz better if you have keep yourself away from this film.

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