Kalaipuli Dhanu on ARR - Sakkarakatti news

After the producers decided abt producing the film, Kala Prabhu ( son of Danu ) decided if they could ask Rahman for scoring the music. So I decided to approach ARR. I met him and said, " Isaye ( Music), Listen to the story. If you like it, do the music. Dont accept it because my son is directing it.". The next day, Rahman listened to the story, and said, " Wonderful Story. Give me six months. I will compose the music myself and give. But when he came for the Puja, due to some influence in his mind, he started composing within 3 months time. It was decided that there would be 4 songs for the film. Kalaprabhu picturised the song that was given by Rahman, and Rahman did additional two songs after seeing the same.

When Maniratnam was associated with Illayaraja, and when Rahman was working with Illayaraja at that time, and when some directors used to approach, he used to play those songs of Mani and exclaim , how well these have been picturised. After seeing the songs of Sakkarakatti, Rahman is calling his friends, his team of people, and showing them how well the songs are picturised. Rahman has popularised the songs, even before it has hit the screens.